Ced Funches

Ced Funches

Co-founder of Schooold Labs, VP of Design at Schooold

VP of Design. Hands on designer. Fmr. Design Exec. @voxmediainc. Building design systems + visual solutions for brands.

14 action items

Elevate the perception of design within your company

Know when a design is complete

  • Don't fantasize about perfection

    No matter how many times you ship something, if you're open and objective about it you will always have room to improve the design. The beauty of computational design is that we can release, test, learn, re-release, re-test and re-learn infi... more

  • Step back, critique, mix-and-match, and work towards some final solutions that can be tested.

Create a balance between work and personal life

  • Do something nice for yourself every two weeks.

    Spa day, massage or catch a movie. Personal time helps you recharge so that you don't feel like you are always on the run for others.

  • Create a real schedule and use the words family, friends, wife...etc.

    I use Google Cal for all of my appointments. 'Go to Gym with Family' is an appointment every morning. It is a subtle reminder for me that I can do something for myself and still spend time with my family. Using those key words help reinforce... more

Maintain the quality of design work as your team grows

  • Create a design system

    If you're on a design team that's at a truly unmanageable scale without a strong design system, then assign someone to make the design system a project they can focus on across the board with all designers and design teams. I'm generally n... more

  • Clear vision for team

    This is where many ideas come together and inform a singular path forward.