Ced Funches

Ced Funches

Co-founder of Schooold Labs, VP of Design at Schooold

VP of Design. Hands on designer. Fmr. Design Exec. @voxmediainc. Building design systems + visual solutions for brands.

14 action items

How do you elevate the perception of design at a company?

  • Creativity has much more value to a company and will greatly elevate the perception of your team.

    If you just focus on design then the company will many see you as a commodity opposed to if you focus on creativity then that is something they will see as a critical asset.

  • A list of Don'ts

    Don't spam design thinking workshops. Don't try to justify the importance of good design ALL the time. Don't believe that design is the most important thing in the company. Understand where you are in the ocean of things.

How do you know when a design is complete?

How do you create balance in your work and private life (with kids, friends and family) when freelancing/working from home?

  • Start working at 10am

    Giving yourself time in the mornings for yourself, friends or family makes a huge difference over time.

  • Clock out at 4pm. Every day. No exceptions.

    You are in control of your schedule so give yourself a convenient time to break away from the computer everyday.

As a team grows, how do you maintain the quality and consistency of its design work?

  • Create a style guide

    Once you have a team that is working well together, you'll need to create a pattern library or style guide. Style Guides should be used as a reference for design and interaction patterns, as well as a source of truth for production-ready opt... more

  • I wrote more in depth on this on Medium.