Ced Funches

Ced Funches

Co-founder of Schooold Labs, VP of Design at Schooold

VP of Design. Hands on designer. Fmr. Design Exec. @voxmediainc. Building design systems + visual solutions for brands.

14 action items

How do you elevate the perception of design at a company?

How do you know when a design is complete?

  • It doesn't have to be perfect

    When I started designing web products, I always wanted every pixel to be perfectly placed and every interaction to be flawlessly executed. Learn to differentiate what’s necessary and what’s considered a “nice-to-have”. Prioritize the former ... more

  • Define the goals clearly at the start. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, you can never hit it.

How do you create balance in your work and private life (with kids, friends and family) when freelancing/working from home?

  • Create a real schedule and use the words family, friends, wife...etc.

    I use Google Cal for all of my appointments. 'Go to Gym with Family' is an appointment every morning. It is a subtle reminder for me that I can do something for myself and still spend time with my family. Using those key words help reinforce... more

  • Clock out at 4pm. Every day. No exceptions.

    You are in control of your schedule so give yourself a convenient time to break away from the computer everyday.

As a team grows, how do you maintain the quality and consistency of its design work?

  • If things seem like they are getting out of hand, try to step back and take a more systematic approach.

  • Ensure clear approvals/rejections

    There must be clear approvals and rejections in your workflow, whether this is a single person, a team lead or a creative director. With clear approvals, your team will be able to prioritize critical feedback against peer reviews. Feedback l... more