Helen Tran

Helen Tran

Design Lead at Shopify

Aspiring vagabond seeking the marvellous, absurd, and hilarious • Design Lead 🇨🇦 @Shopify • Writes https://t.co/e4dQdOwoIC

5 action items

How do you elevate the perception of design at a company?

  • Develop emotional resilience and persistence.

    Don't set your expectations high, or you're just going to get frustrated. Don't stress out about things out of your control, just keep calm and keep doing good work.

  • Offer insight on how design could help them.

    In your conversations with your team members about how certain design methodologies can help them with their problem. Note that I didn't say "try to solve their problem." For example, if the person you're speaking to is describing an issue w... more