Christophe Tauziet

Christophe Tauziet

Product Design Manager at Facebook

Designer at Facebook

4 action items

Keep track of past work and learnings

    • My team at Facebook, that’s focused on R&D, is experimenting with writing internal notes at the end of every project and share them in an internal Facebook Group. Each note describes the learning objective, what solutions we explored, the feedback we received (critique, reviews, UX research...), the prototypes we built, what we finally shipped, the data, a section on whether or not we learned what we were hoping to learn, and a post-mortem that explains what we could have done differently to learn faster/better.

    • Create a shared repository, ideally accessible to the entire company (or public, for openly sharing learnings with the community)

    • Give people a template. Templates are so much easier to fill in than starting off with a blank page

    • Make it a crucial part of the process. Consider a project unfinished until one of those notes is written.

    • Consider learning notes impactful and celebrate them. Share them widely, and make them part of people’s contribution when comes performance reviews, etc.