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Nina Mehta

Product Design Manager at Mailchimp

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9 action items

Transition an individual contributor to a manager

    • Pair on manager tasks

      Not necessarily the one-on-ones, but pair activities like hiring, thought leading, facilitating, running critiques, etc. Start by doing tasks together and eventually delegate the tasks fully. That will make a promotion easy.

    • Ask for help, offer trust

      New managers can bring a fresh perspective to old problems. Share some team challenges you have that need solving and give your individual contributor the time, space, and trust to explore a creative solution.

    • Create opportunities for mentorship

      Partner your managers-to-be with other individual contributors hungry for mentorship. Both will grow exponentially.

Have an effective 1:1

    • Make space

      Quiet pauses in a conversation are great times to think. Avoid filling the silence immediately.

    • Be on time

      Know your schedule. End your previous meeting 5-minutes early so you can be fully present when the 1:1 begins.

    • Do your action items

      Try to take the first step of your action items within 24-hours and share an update afterwards. If you can't follow through or will be delayed, set that expectation.

Support a teammate having an emotional moment or experiencing hardship

    • Encourage self care

      Life and loss happen. And they doesn't care about your launch date. Some people need extra encouragement to take time off. Help your teammate put themselves first and work second.

    • Check in

      In Sheryl Sandburg’s book Option B, she shares the story about the sudden death of her husband. She share “how are you” feels like a ridiculous, unanswerable question. But “how are you today?” or “how are you feeling right now?” is a much easier question to answer. Find a quiet, private space for a one-on-one conversation.... See more

    • Ask for permission before sharing

      Hardship is personal. Find out if your teammate wishes their news to be kept private or shared. It's possible you can also help your teammate by taking on the burden of making the hard news known to the team (especially if they'll be out of the office) or if they needed a confidant at work they can trust. Either way, get consent.... See more