Jason Mayden

Jason Mayden

CEO + Co-Founder at Super Heroic

Jason Mayden, MS Designer + Entrepreneur-In-Residence | Accel Partners CEO + Founder Super Heroic Stanford d.School | Fmr. Design Exec. @Nike @JordanBrand

7 action items

Build a proactive team culture that doesn’t wait for directions

    • "Bout That Action, Boss" Method

    • Investigate your teams gifts, talents, learning styles and outside interest.

      A great tool for this is Strength Finders 2.0

    • Assign "Owners" to each step of your design process.

      After you review the Strength Finders results, schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with each critical member of your team. For large team, assign roles to managers and/or directors. If you don't have a design process and/or design ethos then creating those should be step #1.... See more

    • Schedule "Design Days" with process step owners.

      Design Days are where you allow the process step owners to lead and go deep in their respective owners. At Jordan/Nike, I called this "The 5 areas of Distinction". Each of these areas were intended to create a distinct product offering vs. a differentiated product offering. DD's allow each process owner to have a sense of agency and autonomy in how they work. Your role as a leader is to provide support and advise, not to dictate. Once again, if you have a solid design process, you won't have to be in the weeds. Empower your team and watch them grow.... See more

    • Prototype, constantly.

      Every idea, sketch, insight should be brought to life on the spot. Keep maker material in easy accessible and well organized areas. This creates a central hub where Designer's can grab creative materials and bring their ideas to life.

    • Show + Tell

      By constantly inviting your audience or consumer into your process you are encouraging visual communication over verbal communication. Who doesn't like show and tell?

    • Assess What Works + Discard What Doesn't

      This is not the only way to do things. This is a fluid process that can and should constantly evolve based on the composition and needs of your team. If you stay in motion, you encourage growth, discourse and discovery.

    • Make It Fun!

      The team that plays together, stays together.