Meg Lewis

Meg Lewis

Brand & Experience Designer at Ghostly Ferns

Brand & experience designer by trade. Speaker and workshop teacher. I teach business strategy for happy companies and coach individuals on personal brand.

4 action items

Build a strong relationship with your client

    • Communicate upfront

      Be extremely open and honest from the beginning of the relationship about your work, your practices, your hours of availability, and how the process works. Take any guesswork out of their mind at the beginning of your relationship so they aren't left feeling uncertain. Being clear at the beginning keeps you from any awkwardness (scope creep, extending your hours, weird asks) and helps them to feel more comfortable working with you. If they aren't sure what to expect, they'll likely ask for unusual things along the way. Put their mind, and yours, to ease by being clear right at the beginning. Everyone wins!... See more

    • Communicate often

      Give frequent updates and make sure they're aware that you're around and working on their thing. If they don't hear from you often, they'll assume you're slacking off or aren't committed to the relationship. If you keep an open line of communication it helps to build trust. No one likes working with a freelancer who goes missing for days at a time.... See more

    • Be upbeat

      Stay positive about your relationship, their product or service, and any asks they throw your way. As long as you *seem* happy, they'll be more likely to want to work with you in the future. And, when you have to give the smackdown on scope creep or give bad news about a timeline, it'll hit them softer if you do it with a smile or friendly emails. And, you'll likely get your way more often. We've all know how painful it can be to get anything done when you're working with someone who hates their job. Trust me, you'll have a more fulfilling career if you operate out of love than fear!... See more

    • Create a positive one-on-one relationship

      Positive client relationships are built by positive relationships with your contact(s) at that company, rather than the company itself. Keeping great relationships with the individuals you're working both keeps your relationship at that company in good standing, but allows you to grow your network as those individuals move around the industry!... See more