Dann Petty

Dann Petty

Freelance Designer. Host at @epicurrence. Past: @google @medium @airbnb

3 action items

Use meetups and conferences to get more freelance work

    • Meet people.

      Relationships are everything and one of the best ways to get work as a freelancer. If you do good with your current client, they’ll likely recommended you to someone else that likely trust their opinions. A perfect way to make new relationships is through meetups and events. But secret tip, they don’t have to be industry related to be a worthwhile time investment.... See more

Use social media to get more freelance work

    • Instagram is a great platform to show off your work.

    • Go where the people are.

      Use Instagram to show off your work and increase your chances of getting noticed by using proper tags to help show up in search

    • Collab with others.

      A great use of social media is showing how well you collaborate with others by doing side projects with other creators on specific platforms like Instagram. It also increases your reach by sharing followers.