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Deploy a new design standard to a multi-product platform

    • Have a dedicated implementation team.

      When working with multiple products, “selling” your design system inside the company and expect different teams to implement it and update it when necessary, might become impossible. Having a dedicated team to implement and update the design system in all your different products will become the obvious solution, allowing other teams to focus on their current tasks.... See more

    • Be a curator, not a garbage collector…

      Don't give yourself nor your team the trouble to imagine what components will be used throughout the different devices. Instead, be minimal and neat, and only design and keep the components that are already being used on the design. Also don’t be afraid to deprecate components that are not being used, or that are not reusable in different features.... See more

    • … BUT don’t be “cheap”, components are free.

      Though you should not collect garbage inside your design system, you should not try to reuse the same components awkwardly on different devices and products, just for the sake of minimalism. It’s important to respect the differences between your products and the devices on which they run, and create specific components that allow the product to be successful.... See more

    • Measure the usage and reach of the design system.

      You can use open source scripts that will measure the usage and reach of your design system throughout multiple products. That way you can not only know where each component is being used and how, but also have real metrics on how much time you’re saving for the company.... See more

    • Agnostic or not. Your decision.

      Some companies have products that run with different development stacks. In that case, you have two options. Rewrite some of them so they all use the same stack, or create an “agnostic” design system, which will be used independently of the stack being used. I’m not saying the second option is worse, but the first one is better ;) (in long term).... See more

    • Sync with designers and developers

      Many companies have designers and developers spread around different product teams. Make sure you do a periodic sync meeting, where you present the new components launched in the system, and also where they can show their work in progress, ask questions and give feedback on existing components. That way everybody can contribute on creating the design system and the engagement is always strong.... See more