How do you identify if you have a good or bad manager?

One way to identify if you have a good or bad manager is to first understand the expectations of their role and how they're supposed to help you.

4 action items

  • 1. Do they set clear expectations?

    Your manager should communicate what is expected of the role you play on your team, especially in the context of your current experience level. A good manager does this often and is direct about it.

  • 2. Do they provide actionable feedback?

    If your manager is providing actionable feedback, then you should consistently have clear next steps on what to do in your career or a given situation.

  • 3. Do they help you grow?

    Great managers help you do your best work and create opportunities for you to develop. It's important to let your manager know how you want to grow so they can do their best work as well. An effective manager knows that career growth is different for everyone and has a strategy specifically for you.

  • 4. Do they recognize your impact?

    Recognition shouldn't just happen in performance reviews. Good managers recognize people in the moment because they understand the importance of making people feel valued and encouraging good behavior.

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