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What are the signs that you’re about to burnout?

I've been dealing with this topic myself for about 3 years now.

Some signs you're starting to burnout:

It takes longer than normal to get started on a task at work (or personal project).

If it feels like progress is comparable to pushing a huge boulder up a huge mountain, daily.

You stop caring about it. Could be work or a hobby. You have no interest in a decision to be made or the final result.

I wrote more on the topic here: https://medium.com/@patrickbjohnson/what-is-burnout-e1eaa32a291

Action Items

  • 1. Meditate, daily.

    Use apps like Headspace or Calm to get started

  • 2. Say "No" to 90% of things.

  • 3. Write down your work, and life, priorities. Refer to this daily or weekly to ensure what you're doing is aligned with those priorities.

  • 4. Talk to people.

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