Sara M

Sara M

Product Manager / Designer at Meroxa

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Decide what job type to start your career in

    • Each have their pros and cons. It largely depends on what you think best compliments your work style and where you think you'll find the most growth opportunities. I'll outline a few (but not all) of the pros and cons I've seen and heard about most...

    • Agencies

      Pros: Highly generative, work with a variety of clients / problem spaces, often good processes. Cons: Often detached from development, often not involved in problem & opportunity definition, no validation of design decisions.

    • Start-ups

      Pros: Highly generative, productive, fast-paced, designers usually have ability to take multiple roles through product development. Cons: Processes often less-defined, often lacks user research, often times do not value design.

    • Big companies

      Pros: Well-defined processes, usually bigger problem space opportunities available, more stability, easier to find mentorship. Cons: Less productive, more bureaucracy, metric driven.