Where to start as a new manager

Being a manager is a lot of work, and being a good manager is hard work. Be responsible and empathetic and you can become a great manager.

8 action items

  • 1. Find a good mentor

    How did you learn everything for your job today? Most likely, from others who have done it before. Finding a good mentor is essential.

  • 2. Read

    Always be learning new ways you can approach problems.

  • 3. Mimick or Avoid

    Look to the best managers you had in your career and emulate their best traits and avoid their worst.

  • 4. Be Responsible

    Nobody likes an irresponsible manager. Stay on top of your duties. Take notes. Make lists. Attend meetings. Give a heads up when you’re going to fall short.

  • 5. Keep Alignment

    Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page, and then make sure everyone else in the company is in agreement that the alignment is correct.

  • 6. Shield

    Keep the bad, annoying, or tedious stuff away from your team. Your job is to make their job easy, even if that makes your job harder.

  • 7. Empathize

    Put yourself in your team’s shoes. Try to look at the world through their eyes when making decisions.

  • 8. Resolve Conflict

    When conflict arises, it’s your job to resolve it. Break through barriers or mend bridges together. Always hear both sides before making a decision or calling something out.

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