How do you show the value of investing in a design system?

Using the company’s business or financial goals is a very powerful tool for proving the value of a design system. Design systems offer some effective methods to optimize a design and engineering organization.

3 action items

  • 1. Calculate the amount of time designers spend creating elements from scratch and compare to how much time would be saved with a design system.

    Without a design system, designers must re-create every (or most) elements in their designs. This is time consuming. By showing the amount of time that could be saved with a design system, you are able to prove the value in terms of hours given back to the organization.

  • 2. Similarly, determine how much time engineers spend asking designers for specs and clarification.

    Engineers will often need the exact measurements of elements in a design. When no design system exists, they will need to re-ask these measurements every time. Additionally, other questions may frequently be repeated without a source of truth. Show how many hours would be saved if a design system existed.

  • 3. Track how long it takes to onboard a designer.

    When new designers join, how long does it take for them to understand your design language? Show the value of a design system by explaining how much faster designers could be on boarded.

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