Put together a case study for a design project

I like to follow an easy template when writing case studies. The Why, How and What method.

Why: problem, goal and your role in the project How: research, design process, validation and the final product What: learnings and conclusion

9 action items

  • 1. Problem

    What problem were you trying to solve with this project? How did this problem arise? What was the precipice to begin this endeavor?

  • 2. Goal

    What are the outcomes you, your team or your company hope to get out of this project?

  • 3. Your role

    How did you contribute to this project? Did you have a heavy hand, or were you only there for bits and pieces? Be honest.

  • 4. Research & exploratory work

    Include findings from your user interviews, analytics you collected and anything else that informed the project.

  • 5. Design process

    Show your working process here. This can include anything from sketches, wireframes and high-fidelity mocks.

  • 6. User research, testing and interviews

    Show testing you conducted to reach certain conclusions, clips from interviews or tests that validate your work.

  • 7. Final prototype

    What was the final outcome? Show animated mocks, InVision prototypes, real-life designs and whatever else illustrates the final product.

  • 8. Learnings

    Reflect on the project, what were your key takeaways. Did you validate your assumptions, did you meet a hurdle that changed the trajectory of the project?

  • 9. Conclusion

    What did you and your team conclude from your design process to reach this design? What were the results from your project and how did they impact your company or product.

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