How do I decide on what roles to hire for?

Building out a design organization can be thought of as building out a spectrum (or rainbow gradient). Each type of designer, whether visual, UI, UX, or research, brings a unique skill to the table. Each of those skills fill out a different “zone” in your gradient.

3 action items

  • 1. Make a list of each design practice your team is responsible for, and each practice you’d like your team to be responsible for.

    Understanding what you want your team to be accomplishing is the first step in determining what roles you will need to hire for.

  • 2. Clearly understand the weakest points of your design process.

    Under each design practice falls a set of processes. For instance, UX design requires understanding the problem space, wire framing, and designing.

  • 3. Identify and hire to stengthen your team’s weaknesses.

    Each designer on your team brings skills to the table. By understanding your weakest points of the design process, you will have a better understanding of your team’s weaknesses. Hiring for the areas you are weakest is often a good strategy for building our your team’s spectrum. (I.e. Your team may be strong in UX but weak in research. Hiring a Design Researcher may help your team improve its research capabilities.)

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